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Why Cast Iron

Cast iron cookware is an essential part of any kitchen, especially here in Cajun Country.  Cajun Cast Iron provides our customer with access to quality cast iron cookware at affordable prices. By purchasing our cookware directly from the manufacturer and selling it directly to you, we are able to offer the lowest prices possible.

Cast iron cookware is both affordable and durable. If properly cared for, a set of cast iron pots can last a lifetime.  Cast iron distributes heat evenly offering you precise heat control, and is a source of dietary iron.  Additionally, cast iron cookware has natural non-stick properties.  The more you cook with your cast iron skillets and pots, the better the non-stick surface will become.


A little Lagniappe!

Cajun Cast Iron also offers several other cookware sets. Our McWare line is an excellent choice for aluminum cookware. These pots are very durable and offer you quality similar to the original MagnaLite brand without the high cost.  We offer several lines of enamel coated cookware, which will give you the quality of a cast iron pot with greater ease of cleanup and maintenance.  We also offer several lines of quality stainless steel cookware and Cajun seasonings to spice up your meals. 


Our Mission

Cajun Cast Iron is a family owned business with a goal of providing our customers around the country with access to the wonderful cooking products that are local to Acadiana deep in the Heart of Louisiana.

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New Items Coming Soon

New Items Coming Soon

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New Items Coming Soon

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Cajun Cast Iron Policies

Cajun Cast Iron Policies

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Cajun Cast Iron Policies

Cajun Cast Iron Policies

Cajun Cast Iron Policies

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